Expert Masterclass in Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects and Programs
Expert Masterclass in Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects and Programs

Expert Masterclass in Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects and Programs
Duration Format Cost
10 days (40 hours) - 4 hours per day Online 995
Description : This 10-day expert masterclass with 4 hours of daily instruction provides comprehensive theoretical and practical training in monitoring and evaluation. Covering in-depth all the key aspects of the discipline and integrating advanced mastery of the SmartEval software, it will provide you with all the expertise necessary to excel in your monitoring and evaluation functions.


    Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
    Government agencies
    International organizations
    Consulting firms and consulting firms
    Companies with corporate social responsibility programs
    Research institutes and universities

• Program/Project Managers
• Team Leaders/Operations Managers
• Monitoring and Evaluation Officers
• Project Controllers/Auditors
• Results-Based Management Officers
• Financial/Administrative Officers
• Senior Managers/Decision Makers
• Consulting Firms
• Donors/Financial Partners
Program :

Day 1 : Fundamentals of Monitoring and Evaluation

  Module 1 : Foundamentals of Monitoring and Evaluation (Definitions and key concepts, Importance of monitoring and evaluation, Types of evaluation)

 Module 2 : Planning for Monitoring and Evaluation (Developing a logical framework, Defining indicators, Planning monitoring and evaluation activities)

Day 2 : Implementation and Data Collection

Module 3 : Conducting the Work (Setting up monitoring systems, Data collection and management, Tracking progress and results)

Module 4 : Qualitative and Quantitative Data Collection Methods (Survey and interview techniques, Observation techniques, Document analysis techniques)

Day 3 : Economic Analysis and Reporting

 Module 5 : Economic and Financial Analysis of Projects (Cost-benefit analysis, Profitability analysis, Economic impact analysis)

Module 6 : Implementing a Monitoring and Evaluation System and Management (Structure of an evaluation report, Formulating recommendations, Communicating results)

Day 4 : Monitoring and Evaluation System and RBM

 Module 7 : Implementing a Monitoring and Evaluation Management System (Designing a monitoring and evaluation system, Managing monitoring and evaluation data, Using data for decision making)

Module 8 : Overall Project Evaluation (RBM principles, Relevance evaluation, Effectiveness evaluation, Efficiency evaluation, Impact evaluation, Sustainability evaluation)

Module 9 : The RBM Approach - Results-Based Management (RBM principles, RBM cycle, RBM tools)

Days 5-6 : Mastering Key Functions of the SmartEval Tool

Module 1 : Dashboard (Project statistics, Project financing statistics, Issues encountered statistics)

Module 2 : Geographic Information System (GIS) (Project financing by region, Number of projects by region, Project age by region)

Module 3 : Issue and Solution Management (Issue tracking, Success rate in resolving issues, Financial implications of tracked issues, Issue resolution)

Module 4 : Generation of Periodic Reports (Generating annual reports, Generating quarterly reports)

Module 5 : Adding New Project (Adding project details (Program, Strategic axis, Sector, Scheduled and actual dates, Methods for calculating progress rates, Weighting, Adding project description (Beneficiaries, Implementation area, Project description, Overall objective, Project summary sheet (Description, Overall objective, Specific objectives, Expected impact, Stakeholders, Intervention areas, Intervention budget, Budget allocation by donor, Key dates))

Days 7-8 : Advanced Configuration and Monitoring of the SmartEval Tool

Module 6 : Project Configuration (Project Management Unit (PMU) management, Intervention area management, Supervisory body management, Executing agency management, Partner management, Indicator configuration, Stakeholder management, Milestone management)

Module 7 : Detailed Project Progress (Progress rate management, Indicator value entry, Risk management, Issue and solution management, Mission management, Status management, State management, Performance overview (Expected impacts, specific objectives), Document management, Media library management)

Module 8 : Project Activity Monitoring (Milestone configuration, Progress rate entry, Budget entry, Expenditure entry, Request management, Mission management, Meeting management)

Module 9 : Financing (Total amount, Funding source, Financing needs, Mobilization, Execution)

Days 9-10 : Tenders, ESG and Application Project in the SmartEval Tool

Module 10 : Tender Management (Procurement plan management)

Module 11 : Management of ESG criteria (Environment-Social-Governance(Impact management, Indicator management, Compliance management)

Bonus : A battery of practical cases, discussion forums, a supplementary resource library, and exclusive access to our community of experts and alumni for networking and post-training support.
This high-level masterclass will allow you in just 10 half-days to acquire and consolidate all the essential monitoring and evaluation knowledge and skills. Optimally combining theory and practice, it will make you fully operational on the SmartEval software for expert management of your projects and programs.

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Geographic Information System (GIS)

Issue and Solution Management

Project Management

Add project
Indicator management

Budget management

Progress rate management
Management of Tenders
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